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Surrounded by lush vegetation, the ocean breeze sweeping across 2 acres of coconut farm land, Kansha Lifespace is a haven of sustainable tranquility - a perfect place of learning and letting yourself get inspired of the possibilities of  an alternative way of life and educating future generations. Explore here our different spaces while you are home.. come and visit us soon!


The Mother house is a 130 year old `rumah Melayu traditional`, a wooden house built on stilts, nested amidst an ancient coconut plantation. The Mother House used to be the demure of one of the islands chieftains.


Today Kansha honors this great cultural heritage by making it a base to develop more sustainable activities in Langkawi. 

The Atelier

A workshop / art studio where all our re-purposing, rebuilding and art projects gets done! Separated in two parts in the property, one space is dedicated to the more gritty 'wood -metal - cement' works while the other focuses more on painting and crafts.

The Living School
Educational Gardening

Through the knowledge that lasting and sustainable change can only be achieved with effective education and a sense of civic responsibility, our school acts as a platform from where "green" knowledge and wisdom can be sourced and applied. We aim to create as many Green leaders as possible for the betterment of the future that our children will live in.

Coming soon

Our Food Forest is comprised of over 140 edible and medicinal species, multidimensional layers of food providing trees and plants going from the 30m high coconut trees, fruit and nut providing trees, bushes usually providing edible leaves, to the lower growing vegetable crops and finally the tubers.  Amongst our food forest we have also the Shaman`s Garden containing over 40 different kind of plants that have been used by our ancestors to cure and ease a myriad of ailments and diseases.

The Dreamweaver's Space
Sitting by the window

An hybrid architectural experiment using natural materials to blend into its surrounding creating a immersive polyvalent space suitable to host yoga classes, workshops and any outdoor activities.

Coming soon
The Seekers Nests

These eco-inspired accomodations are designed with sustainability in the forefront.

Built out of natural and recycled material, the enveloping sense of barefoot luxury permeates these tranquil spaces that you call home when you choose to stay and experience the Kansha lifestyle with us.

Coming soon
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