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Let`s Go Green!


The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land. Abraham Lincoln

"Kansha`s founders share a love for tropical plants and flowers, they combine over 20 years of professional and personal experience in horticulture, sustainable landscaping and farming. The work we do range from working on compost tea making, creating food forests, studying and experimenting in permaculture techniques,  plant propagation, garden-landscaping, smart irrigation and promoting local and medicinal plants lore."


"Our aim here in Langkawi is to provide eco-friendly landscape services incorporating sustainability, ease of maintainance and counsel businesses that are willing to invest and 'Go Green' whilst incorporating Beauty and being Cost-Effective."

What we can help you with..

  • Keep your Soil Healthy

Many techniques related to soil foodweb improvement a.o. soil mixing, microbial life management, de-compacting & aeration, compost (tea) making, hugelkultur making and mulching. 

  • Revive your Nursery

Having a proper well functioning nursery can save you a lot of costs, we can train your team to excel in it. 

  • Hardscapes with Eco-Friendly Materials

We can provide advice and ideas on the possibilities there is to re-use your waste materials when doing hardscaping.

  • Manage your Grass areas Sustainably

Grasslands cover big areas in landscapes, we can accompany you in managing it more sustainably, this includes a.o. compost (tea) application, aeration and/or smart irrigation.

  • Make your Place look  Lush, Beautiful and Inviting

We can provide you detailed landscape plans that are attractive, customized to fit your style and where sustainability and cost effectivity is at heart.

  • Introduce Art into your Landscape

Awe your guests with wonder about your garden. Going from architectural designs using local materials, driftwood art, vegetation art as well as sourcing the perfect artworks for your outdoor 'gallery', there are limitless possibilities to up-scale your property.

And many More..

Contact us for any enquiries..

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