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Mathematics Pack 

Every student is unique, so we have assembled a wide variety of resources to suit the needs of individual learning styles.  Of course, there is no substitute for putting pencil to paper and scratching out some figures, but we have also included unique lessons to stimulate your child’s mathematical imagination.  With a wide variety of graphics, games, quizzes, puzzles, and practical applications, this program is a fresh and fun adventure in math essentials!

The Structure

L1 : Recognising patterns

L2 : Place value

L3 : Addition and subtraction

L4 : Counting money and making change

L5 : Skip counting and multiples

L6 : Multiplication

L7 : Division

L8 : Rounding and estimation

L9 : Measurements and units

L10 : Perimeter and area

L11 : Geometry and symmetry

L12 : Data and graphing

L13 : Time and calendars

L14 : How fractions work

Distance Learning

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