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The Living School

Online Immersion Program

ICW : The Kanshalife Project

This all-rounder immersive experience is designed to meet your child's fundamental educational needs during the whole trimester and much more!
Our curriculum breaks away from conventional educational lessons but still follows the natural sequence of skill development for student success.

  • A better comprehension on the essential academic subjects

  • 46 hours of learning during the whole trimester 

  • Improved awareness on sustainability topics

  • Fun! Singing, interactive quizzes and puzzles

  • Feeling as part of a community of changemakers

46 hours of learning for only 26RM per hour

Sept 6 - Dec 23, 2021

Duration: 14 Weeks

Age group : Key stage 2, 8 - 11 yr olds

30 years of combined experience of academic teaching and green leadership

We have gathered everything we’ve learnt from 5 amazing individuals with over 30 years of combined experiences of academic teaching and green leadership, and packed it neatly together in a holistic, interactive and fun learning package.

Meet our Educators

In line with the

Cambridge International Education syllabus

key stage 2, 8 to 11yr olds

3 Main Subjects: our Green Leadership Lessons

that advocates sustainability through core values : 







Kanshalife stands for Green Leadership. For us, who better to educate than future leaders? Through tailored online group video sessions, we shall trigger, coach and build enthusiasm in Green Leadership. Our goal is to 'activate' a generation of change-makers. In this intimate sessions,  children will be able to mingle and share ideas and experiences while our experienced facilitator will ensure growth and fun together!

BEST VALUE! GET Complete pack of 46 lessons at the price of RM26 per lesson


RM 1200

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We are committed in ensuring qualitative impact in your child's academic progression through our program. Hence, we are offering even more bonus goodies to further enhance your child's learning experience at The Living School:

  • Personalised gradings on every 'challenge' submitted to our teachers

  • 4 extra Green Leadership lessons combined in a LIVE VIDEO CLASS

  • Expert feedback to parents' inquiries via special member's access on our website

  • Special price if you book before the end of the countdown

  • Certificate of Completion


AT THE PRICE OF RM26 per lesson ONLY


Get your

Discount Now

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By registering your child with The Living School Online Immersive Program, you will be helping underpriviledged local children in Langkawi, Malaysia gain access and support to the same quality courses we offer to you child today.

Our research in Langkawi has clearly shown that the local children of Langkawi have little to no exposure to high quality holistic education, based on scientific understanding, literacy and sense of responsibility. A kind of educational model which would greatly benefit them, as most of these children will grow up being actors in the tourism business on the island.​

We have pre-selected underprivileged children that will benefit from our program. Pn. Zuraidah, our community engagement educator will ensure  these children learn  as best as possible through the program and obtain the program completion certificate.

What better way to give back is there and ensuring a Green Revolution in the generation of the future!

  • How should my child work through the course?
    The course is designed to be completed in 14 weeks. Ideally your child completes one lesson of each every week. Each week we will release new lessons for your child to discover. Each month there will also be one scheduled live session on Green Leadership for your child to join in. If your child plans on getting a certificate of completion your child must complete all of the course work (send in all challenges, every two lessons we will foresee a challenge to be sent in throug email se we can follow up the progress of your child) as well as attend all the 4 preschedued video sessions on Green Leadership, where we will follow-up attendence. If your child does everything properly then we will send in the certificate!
  • What equipment does my child need?
    The lessons will be handed over via an online link that works with PC, tablets and phone with functioning speakers. However we recommend to use a computer or laptop (with sound) for the best experience.
  • How do I schedule the course for my child?
    Don`t worry, we have made the lesson very practical. Once you get the package you will be guided by email on the details of the flow. Each course will be accessed through an online link. They all follow a similar structure. So once your child is familiar with it, they will be able to work independently. Every course is designed to take about an hour excluding the homework. The time taken to complete each lesson varies, depending on each child. In total, if your child does one lesson of each every week, your child will take about 12 hours per month plus an additional 1h for the prescheduled scheduled video session on Green Leadership. There will be multiple prescheduled Green Leadership lessons so you can subscribe your child at the day and time that is convenient for you.
  • How do I know if my child will complete the course properly?
    We have incorporated a challenge in every two lessons. Once the challenge is completed, they will send it to us, graded with notes from our educators and sent back to you. We keep attendance records of the pre-scheduled video sessions on Green Leadership. This ensure maximum immersion and your child will receive a Certificate of completion at the end of the program if it does everything well.
  • Will I need to involve a lot as parent?
    No, it is not necessary, we have made it very easy for you. The courses have been designed and verified by educators that have strong experience in distance learning. We have done everything to make sure every child can be autonomous in learning. Your child will need to get used a little bit to the first lesson so maybe you can assist there if you want. After that your child will be able to complete the 46 hours by itself. In order to send back the challenges your child needs to be able to send an email, in order to participate in the prescheduled Green Leadership sessions you ll need to make sure your child subscribes and that your child is there on time. We have foreseen multiple class moments for the Green Leadership, so you`ll always be able to choose a time/day that fits your family`s agenda.

Contact us for any questions!

I am really interested but would like to have a better idea what the lessons are about..

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