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Kanshalife Extra Virgin Fermented Coconut Oil

Kanshalife Extra Virgin Fermented Coconut Oil


Our coconuts come straight from our organic farm in Langkawi Island. We do all the processing ourselves, from opening the buggers, cold-pressing the oh-so-creamy milk to fermentation and separating the oil. Each drop of oil is filled to the brim with anti-oxidants, vitamins and medium-chain fatty acids, carrying a wealth of regenerative and healing properties for the body, mind and soul. This ancient technique produces oil with higher absorbency on skin and the organism as a whole.


The 150ml bottles used for this collection are recycled bottles collected by the sea on Langkawi Island. Each bottle has been cleaned and sterilized before being used to store our precious oil. 


Plus, 10 per cent of profits goes to the Kanshalife Foundation, to help underpriviledged children study with us at the Livng School :)

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