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Science Pack

Each class will include a range of teaching methods and activities that are designed to engage the learners in both a hands-on and minds-on way. Classes will include experiments, Q&A, quizzes, games, worksheets, songs, videos and much more.  Learners will be encouraged to observe, explore, question and share what they learn. A variety of methods are used to support learners and cater for different learning styles and needs.

The Structure

L1 : Skeletons!

L2 : Growing Pains!

L3 : The body in Motion

L4 : Animals and their skeleton

L5 : The Medecine Closet

L6: Living things in their environment

L7: The Alchemist Universe : An introduction

L8 : Matter in Transformation

L9 : The Miracle of Water

L10 : Sound : An introduction

L11 : Sound in Motion

L12: The science of Music

L13: The story of an electrical circuit

L14 : Electrical Particles in Motion

Remote Learning

Let's Work Together

'Be the Change you want to see in the world'

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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