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Sustainable Studies


Since COVID-19 we are in the process to run online workshops.  If you would like to explore how we can run an online workshop for your children, community or club just gives us a call on Whatsapp at  +60183983874 to explore further!

Please find some extra information below…


Putih Mata Mushroom


Common Tree 

Frog (Katak Pisang)

Educating children on Permaculture and the Food Forest

Introductory sphere :

  • Exploring and naming plants and trees ( the food forest experience)

  • The different ways of plant identification

  • The different varieties of food in the plant kingdom : fruit/ vegetables/medicinal plants

  • Learning about different ecosystems

  • Natural predator & prey - food chains 

  • Learn about the bugs and insect world in our garden

  • Forage for wild food

  • Different types of propagation

  • Becoming more self-sufficient, grow your own vegetable box at home

Module 1 :

  • Decomposing process & decomposers

  • The microcosmic world

  • Life cycle of plants -seeds, flowers and fruit

  • Explore the qualities and stories of different soils

  • Learn about tree guilds

  • Learn about composting

  • How to make a mini compost

Module 2 : 

  • Permaculture intro 

  • Tropical permaculture design

  • Animal life cycle and habitats

  • Common problems in garden and how to solve them

  • Building a mini hugelkultur 

Details :

  • Each individual workshop last approximately 35 minutes.

  • The workshops are interactive and fun

  • Children can post questions

  • Fun quiz and projects 

  • Working together to ensure a cleaner future for generations to come in our own homes and local communities.

Guardians of the Earth Workshops

Introductory Sphere : 

  • Introduction to different waste matter

  • What you can and can't recycle

  • How to care and help your environment, including animal and plant life

  • Pollution in our community 

Module 1 :

  • Alternative ways of consummerism

  • Our carbon footprint

  • Civic minded-ness and social roles to protect the environment

  • Repurposing different objects to give a second life

  • Waste to art project

Module 2 : 

  • Alternative and sustainable energy sources

  • Living Self-sufficiently

  • Upcycling trends around the world

  • Passive living designs and how it can change the world

  • Solve a local environmental issue

  • Project Design and presentation

beach clean up.jpg

A beach clean up in Langkawi Island


A coconut frond weave for a wall

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