Our Goals


Kanshalife aims to be a sustainable hotspot combining entrepreneurship, spirituality, sustainability, art and play in every state of beingness.

 Our mission lies in being the vectors of change, learning holistically and growing together as an island community in developing new skill-sets and gaining knowledge towards a purpose driven, sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. At Kansha Lifespace, we strive to help businesses and people arround us understand the fostering of a life-long love of learning and maturing into a life of passion, driven purpose and possibilities, becoming changemakers for a better world.





Practice Sustainable  Landscaping and Agriculture with us

We thrive to be changemakers in Langkawi when it comes to offering B2B services and guiding local businesses in Sustainable Landscaping and Farming.


Experience our food forest that is already a living library

and dynamic ecosystem, showcasing the possibilities of living sustainably and in

harmony with nature.





Express Authentic Creativity

Want to get your creative juices flowing every day?

Join Surreal Artist Skaii de Vega to draw inspiration from nature and the island.

Create all sorts of things: making waste to art installations, creating driftwood sculptures, repurposing of furniture, epoxy resin art, mural paintings, plant art, collage and many more..



Be the Change you want to See in the World.

We connect, inspire and activate businesseses and people to make a change in various subjects like nutrition & health, recycling, sustainable landscaping, permaculture, medicinal plants, heritage, art and many more.. .

Through our different programs that we have at our Living School, we strive to educate and inspire changemakers for  better world.


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