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Geng Bersih Kampung

Geng Bersih Kampung (GBK )was iniated by Ms. Susana Salim and Ms. Zuraidah in 2019 with the vision to see Kampung Padang Putih to be clean and green through beautification and cleanliness of the landscape around the kampung. Ms. Susana Salim and Ms. Zuraidah continue to volunteer in the project until today. 

Kampung Padang Putih is located between the paddy fields and the forested hills near Pantai Tengah. They started  the movement initially with planting flowering plants along the roadside and cleaning up the Surau Kampung Padang Putih every week. Soon enough, the children of this area started following them to do clean-ups around  the kampung.

Today, there are 20 children aged between 6 to 15 years old. When asked on how they called their group, they answered, “Geng Bersih Kampung”.

We are proud to have Geng Bersih Kampung as part of our local community, and we do our best to help this amazing movement flourish and thrive in creating the next generation of change-makers on the island!


Ms. Zuraidah teaching on marine conservation.

”Our community’s betterment as a whole is the heart of our initiative. We strive for better educational possibilities, improvement of quality of life, positive growth and personal development of the beneficiaries in our community.”  


- Zuraidah Zainal Abidin (Co-founder)


The 'geng' studying at the WAKAF ILMU project site


DAPUR KITA was created for the community to come together to learn about the farm-to-table concept. This knowledge and practice will benefit the community in a holistic way in their everyday life.  Aside from this, the space will also be used for educational lessons during night-time and bad weather. A big part of this project was made possible through funding from The Datai Pledge.

The garden that incorporates permaculture techniques which will produce fruits, vegetables and herbs that will be used in the cooking class in DAPUR KITA.

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