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About Us

The Kanshalife Project is first and foremost an accredited social enterprise on the road to create an eco-hub. We are also  ‘community driven' and work closely with the local population . We are located in a small village on the mystical island of Langkawi. The project includes an ever-growing Food Forest, a RnD micro-factory and recycling/upcycling eco-design center where we transform waste into durable green products.

What we Do


Our values are reflected in our thoughts, words and actions.

They are important because they help us know ourselves, grow and develop.  The decisions we make are a mirror of our beliefs and core values. The stronger our values, the better for us to take responsibility for our learning, having a positive impact on our community, and to care for our environment.

We are currently working on projects listed below, we encourage you to follow us of Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on the evolutions of our endeavours :

  • Our Blue Economy Project

  • RnD on upcycling and recycling waste

  • Working together with local communities

  • Workshops on sustainable practices

 Our Vision

Approximately 130 tons of waste is generated daily in Langkawi and to date, proper waste management is insufficient. Plastic and waste pollution is increasingly becoming a critical issue on the island. The lack of awareness and education are factors we aspire to address and rectify.


Create a upcycling, design and environmental resource center for Langkawi and show how conservation, permaculture, sustainable living and the blue economy model can bring betterment to different facets of our lives.


To bring the local community together: upcycle waste, design and manufacture new products and inspire better awareness about environmental issues through our activities.

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