About Us

Kansha LifeSpace is first and foremost a sustainable hotspot in Langkawi, offering B2B services. We are also a ‘community’ driven life-space and educational centre.

It`s location is nestled amongst groves of coconut trees, in a small village on the mystical island of Langkawi. The property includes an ever-growing Food Forest, the Shaman’s Garden (herbs and medicinal plants living library), an art studio and the Living School.

The main building that we call Motherhouse is a 130-year-old Traditional Malay house, together with its garden, a true heritage to the Malaysian culture.

What we Do


Our values are reflected in our thoughts, words and actions.

They are important because they help us know ourselves, grow and develop.  The decisions we make are a mirror of our beliefs and core values. The stronger our values, the better for us to take responsibility for our learning, having a positive impact on our community, and to care for our environment.

We are currently working on projects listed below, we encourage you to follow us of Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on the evolutions of our endeavours :

  • B2B services on Sustainable Landscaping and Art

  • B2B services on Eco Design, Recycling and Repurposing of waste materials

  • B2B services on Health Retreats

  • Run the Living School: online and in-site awareness and educational programs

  • Producing Organic Coconut Oil and derivatives

  • Making Art

  • We are a Food Forest and an Art Space

  • Promoting Langkawi as an Art destination

 Our Vision

Kanshalife aims to be a sustainable hotspot combining entrepreneurship, spirituality, sustainability and play in everyday state of being-ness.


Our mission lies in being the vectors of change, learning holistically and growing together as a community in developing new skill-sets and gaining knowledge towards a purpose driven, sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. 

At Kansha Lifespace, we strive to help our students understand the value of what they learn, fostering a life-long love of learning and sense of responsibility that grow beyond the classroom and maturing into a life of passion driven purpose and possibilities.