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Ensuring a better future a change-maker at a time requires effort, passion, time and funds. We do our best to build and invest in this project, but we cannot do it alone. You can help us make a difference, increasing our means to fine tune our infrastructure, offer the local community possibilities to join our programs and maintain the grounds. A little goes long way,  and we thank you for your support and confidence in our mission in paving the way for a greener "NOW" and future!

Terima Kasih :)



and patronage

Be part of our story, change lives on many levels through your contribution to The Kanshalife Project. Your support will permit us to continue our work and help selected underprivileged children get access to high quality, holistic and ecological sound education, help us fund and build new eco-infrastructures , and make Kansha lifespace completely self-sustainable for its habitants and local community.

On the other hand we are looking for patrons that believe in our story, that acknowledge our leadership capacities and that are willing to lift Kansha to another level. Find us soon on

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Our initiative can only be sustained with the help of volunteers; individuals who will be ready to spare a few  hours every week , or everyday for this cause. The volunteers will have to reside in Langkawi, and for on-site residence be ready to live within the lifespace. We shall accompany and guide you to make the best out of your gifts and talents. The work ranges from sorting waste, organic farming, woodworks, construction, teaching, social media and creative endeavors.

If you are interested, we ask that you come forward and apply to play a part in the project. 

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Do business with Us

You like our vision, did someone recommend us, or you simply want to buy one of our products?

Just by buying our products and local produce from our shop, taking part in the various workshops we offer evolving around sustainability, permaculture and arts you will help us financially.

We also deliver B2B services and co-create with businesses on the island around our core specialities in green education, sustainable landscaping and artlretreats. 

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to get in touch in see possibilities how we can help you.


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An island's ecosystem is the most delicate thing... where all parties need to play their role to achieve harmonious balance. We are co-creating such a balance with partnerships, clients and beneficiaries here on Langkawi. Re-creating and regenerating a greener NOW and future together as family.


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