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Langkawi Eco-Warriors

A dream envisioned, a mission manifested. We have grown so much since our humble beginnings and today, our path is clearer than ever. The Kanshalife Project is no longer only a two people startup. Today, we count ourselves blessed to have so many like-minded people that are part of our community.



Founder: Skaii

A woman of many vocations, a patriotic Malaysian with a deep affinity with nature and its preservation, Skaii has always been fascinated by nature and conserving it for the generations to come.

She lived in Europe for 16 years, building a career as a surreal artist and naturopathy practitioner. She studied permaculture design, and maintained food forests and permaculture installations in Belgium. Skaii is now hoping to grow The Kanshalife Project as a social enterprise that brings the benefits of the blue economy to its community and environment.


Co-Founder: Sven

Humanitarian worker and agricultural engineer by profession, he specialized in tropical agriculture and landscaping, going from topics like organic farming and food security to sustainable irrigation.

He worked and lived in many places, where he has always wanted to create a positive impact.

Sven is also a self-proclaimed Doctor in DIY construction, and the main responsible for all infrastructure works at the project site. 

Composting and growing bananas is one of his favorite things to do. Ask him anything about it !

Team Members

Project Co-ordinator

Danial Shahiran Ho

Social Entrepreneur @ Pasar Palestine

Local Community Outreach

Local Community Liason 

Co-Founder Geng Bersih Kampung

Zuraidah Zainal Abidin

35 years experience in local NGOs, Langkawi’s Green Leader and activist

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-19 at 13.39.33.jpeg

EVCO Production 

Azureen Azarae

Research and Development of EVCO

Senior Beneficiary/ Trainer

Ummi Khaltum

Local villager : Seamstress and


The Seekers 

We offer mid and long term volunteer possibilities for people that wish to contribute to The Kanshalife Project mission while learning life skills like building, upcycling and recycling, growing food and making art. If you are interested, contact us !


Through its actions, The Kanshalife Project wishes to inspire people to be the change they want to see in the world. Everyone contributes where they can, some people donate equipment, some do business with us, others come and help out, volunteering during our Open Days, and some simply talk about us to others. 

Do you feel attracted to be part of our journey? Contact us today:)

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