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Skaii de Vega`s oil paintings
  • Skaii de Vega`s oil paintings


    I work mainly with oils and my sculptures, from natural and reclaimed materials. My preferred way to access the surrealistic visionary realm is the method of waiting for the muse to speak to me, whether it’s in a spark of a creative idea, a meditation, or a dream. I write or draw a rough sketch of the vision that needs to be painted, and then create it into reality throughout the next couple of months.

    A deeper need to transcend myself and go beyond the respectable mold, brings me to reflect on my own perceptions of life, how society behaves in todays’ world, and how the universe reflects itself, manifesting physicality in relation to our pre-conceived expectations. My work lies comfortably in between Freudian and Jungian understanding, both surrealistic and visionary, a mixture of archetypal symbolism, infused with a higher purpose, transcendence, telling the humanistic story of awakenings, evolution and metamorphosis.



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