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SPOTLESS Extra Virgin Fermented Coconut Oil
  • SPOTLESS Extra Virgin Fermented Coconut Oil


    This luxurious facial oil made with the highest grade of organic extra virgin coconut oil sourced straight from our food forest on the mystical island of Langkawi, Malaysia.

    Skincare for  teens starts with a great routine and the earlier you encourage this the better your child’s skin will be in the long term. This miracle oil contains essential oils that complement one another and help tackle blemishes gently, specifically designed for blemished skin.


    Each bottle of oil is powered with a cocktail of lavender essential oil to help reduce inflammation and kill bacteria, tea tree extract to control bacteria, coconut oil to encourage a clear complexion and jasmine blooms acting as an astringent and boost up some endorphins !


    A great starting point for teens who need a simple skincare product that delivers and smells gorgeous too. Plus, 10 per cent of profits goes to the Kanshalife Foundation, to help underpriviledged children study with us at the Living School :)