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A Holistic Learning Experience Immersed in Nature

The Living School

"Our open air classrooms inspire students to connect with their environment, seek  adventure, and pursue their passions. It’s a time for fun, laughter, exploration, and curiosity, while building relationships, expressing creativity, and getting dirt under their fingernails." ~ Skaii de Vega

The Living School Project

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We believe that today, more than ever before, children are less prone to learn and understand about health (nutrition/immunity), be aware of their living environment (natural observation and conservation) and developing essential life and entrepreneurial skills.

Based in Langkawi island, we are bound by its seasons and tides. We see growth and decay, we strive to understand its rhythm and work continuously in achieving harmony and balance with nature. Our research in Langkawi has clearly shown that the local children of Langkawi have little exposure to  holistic education, based on scientific understanding, literacy and sense of responsibility. A kind of educational model which would greatly benefit them as most of these children will grow up being actors in the tourism business on the island.

A well prepared green movement will ensure a more sustainable future for the island's health and wealth, thanks to a whole new generation of conscious and scientifically aware society. However, to achieve results, the ground work has to start now. Here is where the Living School aims to make its mark and create a space where children will finally gain access to world-class education, awareness programs and workshops.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt from over 30 years of combined experience of academic teaching and green leadership, and packaged it together following the International Cambridge Syllabus.

Our goal is to offer extra scholar modules to both local children in Langkawi and  children visiting Langkawi as tourists. As part of our values is to give back, we have set up the Kanshalife Fund : where part of the profits made from our workshops and programs go back to the local community, giving access of our educational programs to the underpriviledged children of Langkawi.

Update :Given the Pandemic situation, we have rehauled our strategies, we are now offering a comprehensive Online Academic Immersive Program. Please click the button below to learn more.


While we have our business plan ready, a venue, a team of qualified teachers ready to start we are waiting for Langkawi to open up.

In order to be able to increase impact on the local community we are still looking for extra financial partners.

If interested, please contact us. 

Want to know more about us and who we work with? Get an overview here.

Wild passionfruit shoot harvest

Wild passionfruit shoot harvest

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